April 4, 2012 @ Chitwan National Park

Children labor!

It is barely 7am and everyone is awake

Poor kids, they will have back pain sooner than others

Dugout canoe to cross the river

Me, Cora, Albert & Mathew

Jeep safari


Jeep drive is the fastest way to visit wide area of the park

Peacock on a tree


Wrong camera setting, feel like night time

The jeep safari is 4 hours drive

Covering 45 km in the park passing all types of vegetation and wildlife habitats

What is this?

A temporary toilet in the middle of the park

Peacock running away from the road

One horned rhinoceros

This is our closest rhino encounter

Mathew, naturalist, Cora, Albert, Tracy & Kitty

Chitwan N.P. covers an area of 932 km2

Standing to ease the butt pain

The typical vegetation is subtropical broadleaf forests covering about 70% of the N.P.

A crocodile


Where are the animals?


Some festival @ temple in Chitwan

Gharial crocodile

Mugger crocodiles

Listed as a Critically Endangered by IUCN

Male gharial has a bulbous growth on the tip of its snout renders

Dead sheep for worship

Locals taking photo with elephant


Mugger crocodiles

Chitwan National Park from viewing tower

Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands cover about 20% of the park

Sambar deer with the white dots

Kitty, Albert, Mathew, Cora, Tracy & Me

Mathew, Kitty, Albert, Cora, Tracy & Me


Some kind of buffalo/cow

End of jeep safari

Crossing the river again

Bathed by the elepant

Bathing the elepant

Noon activity is elephant bath

They do not treat the elepants very nice here


The dog found Mathew and then went to sleep

Feeling total safe around Mathew

Rice field

Elephant ride

Group of cows feeding on grass

Elephant is the safest and most convenient way to get around in the jungle and observe the wild life

Me & Kitty

4 people is a bit tight and heavy for one elephant!

The search for animals continue

Peacock on a tree

So pretty

Finally the other elephant is catching up

Quite many peacock in Chitwan N.P.

Cora & Tracy

Elephant safari is amazing


Chitwan National Park is haunt of more than 700 species of wildlife

Unfortunately we did not see any rhino

Yummy grass

The keeper*s feet is the wheel

Save some for later



Elephant hair

The elephant ride lasted about 2 hours

Pooing along the way

So shaky on the elepant, difficult to get a stable shot

Sunset so pretty

How come no animals drinking water at the river?

Drinking time for the elephant

End of trip

Tourism @ Nepal is not pack at all

Banana for nice job done

Ok do not get too close

You guys be nice to your elephant!

Me & Elephants

Chili chicken

Buffet dinner @ Rainbow Safair Resort

Albert is soooo ZZzzZZZzzz

Chitwan National Park