May 26 - 27, 2012 @ Moalboal, Philippines

Red eye flight to Cebu

2.5 hours bus to Moalboal

South bus terminal

Very early morning, not even 6am!

Church enroute

Main church @ Moalboal

Moalboal Municipal Hall


Fish & meat market

Quite gross

Moalboat fire department

First sight of the ocean

Street vendors

Cone-shaped hills known as the *Chocolate Hills*

Fishing boat? Seriously?

Where is the romantic couple?

Torquise water


This sandal is really wear out!

Time to go fishing

Air conditioning ON!

They are hiring

Pet baby chick

Very original, cooking with woods

Gender and development facilitiy, what do they do?

Moalboal public market

The bank does not do money exchange, so here we are

Moalboal Backpacker Lodge

Room is basic, no hot water for shower though


View from upstair patio

Good place for a nap

Love this hangout area

Blue sky and white clouds

Main street @ Panagsama Beach

Outdoor bar @ Panagsama Beach

FF @ Moalboal

Cannot ask for a better place for breakfast

Pescador Island from Panagsama Beach

Oh no, dark cloud! It is going to rain!

Nice cloud

Very little beach @ Panagsama Beach

This kid is amazing

Don*t you want to jump in?

Reef house @ Panagsama Beach

Parking for boat


Life is good

Unfortunately many dead coral

From the water


Quite many variety of coral

Tuna lunch after snorkel

Sunset @ Moalboal

Fresh seafood

Panagsama Beach

Getting ready for snorkel @ Pescador Island

Coral reef @ Panagsama Beach

The water drops to 300m deep


Here come our boat

Many Korean here

Peaceful water like a mirror

Approching Pescador Island

Pescador Island

Moalboal Marine Park

The harbor are some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world

Moalboal waters one can find more than 2,500 species of fish

The underwater world


BBQ fish

White sand beach

Family hangout spot



A fairly nice beach

Just like Sunday in central

Cottage for rent

Make room for the tree

Preparing my lunch

My colorful lunch

Finished product

The best BBQ fish ever!

Owner fetching for more fresh tuna

Local family rent thoese cottage to hangout

Me @ White Sand Beach


Or Sabong as they call it locally

Cocks shelter

Cocks shelter

Wait area

Gamble outside the cockpit

Kind like our *fish, prawn, crab*

My store in Moalboal

The only ATM in Moalboal

Transportation in Moalboal

High-end transportation

Moalboal town


Looks comfy

Watsons in Cebu

Thanks to Cebu Pacific for making this trip possible

View from Moalboal pier

View from Moalboal pier