May 7, 2011 @ Desert Castles, Jordan

Petroleum refinery

Qasr Al-Hallabat

The mosque

Mosaics depicting an assortment of animals

The main palace is constructed of black basalt and limestone

A lot of arches used in this castle

Amazing mosaics

Amazing mosaics

Amazing mosaics

Qasr Al-Hallabat

This site dates to the second and third century AD

Detail crafting on column

The site remains to be completely restored

10.70 by 11.80 meters in size

A 3.30-meter wide portico

A rounded molding extends the perimeter of the space at the height of 2.10 meters

Constructed of layered limestone

View from the mosque

View from the mosque

The site remains to be completely restored

The mosque

Our vehicle for the desert castle loop


We were so close to Iraq

Iraq or Saudi Arabia?

Elephant crafting

Qasr al-Azraq

Locally quarried basalt which makes the castle darker than most other buildings in the area

A lot of arches used in this castle

Encircling a large central courtyard

Dangeous! Do not enter!

A small mosque in the middle

Me @ Qasr al-Azraq

Entrance of Qasr al-Azraq

Beautiful flowers and weather

Food for our vehicle

Cave Restaurant

The current King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein and his family

Truckers town

Petra on the chimney

Qasr al-Amra

A well

The northern block features a triple-vaulted ceiling over the main entrance on the east facade

The western wings feature smaller vaults or domes

Qusayr Amra is most notable for the frescoes on the inside walls

The frescoes are special in that they portray humans

Apodyterium fresco

The main entry vault has scenes of hunting, fruit and wine consumption, and naked women

While this was not allowed under Islam

UNESCO World Heritage Site 327

Cellular web

Qasr al Kharanah

The building is a square 35 metres on each side

It is made of rough limestone blocks set in a mud-based mortar

Stair to the second floor

Inside the building has 60 rooms on two levels arranged around a central courtyard



Many of the rooms have small slits for light and ventilation

Some of the rooms are decorated with pilasters, medallions and blind niches finished in plaster

The entrance

Arrow shaped windows

Small projecting corner towers and a projecting rounded entrance

Dinner @ Levant

Eggplant with pomegranate molasses

Kubeh Levant

Jordanian chicken

Excellent food with nice ambience and decent price

Qasr Al-Hallabat

Desert from Qasr Al-Hallabat

Desert from Qasr Al-Hallabat

Mosque of Qasr Al-Hallabat

Qasr al-Azraq

Qasr al-Azraq