December 27, 2011 @ Vinales, Cuba

Tasty homemade breakfast

Kitty & car

Some kind of fruit, pig food only

Lots of colorful flowers

Pretty flowers

Christmas flower like

Scratch, scratch

Windows desktop photo

OX Cart

Viņales is a beautiful and lush valley in Pinar del Rio province

Pretty flowers

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999

What are they digging?

Tobacco leaf

The farmers here grow the best tobacco in the world

Another OX Cart


Hen and babies

Baby chicken

Rooster vs turkey


Turkey are quite pretty

Male turkeys spread their tail feathers (just like peacock)

These are wild turkey as they have dark feathers

Our local Vinales tour guide

Kitchen of a local tobacco farm kitchen


Coffee maker

Water filter

Water filter

Tobacco seed

Cuban cigar -- making of

Cuban cigar -- making of

Cuban cigar -- making of

Cuban cigar -- making of

Time for a tasting

Pretty flowers

FF giving Cuban cigar a try as well

Kitty & FF

Me & FF

Tobacco farm

Tobacco farm

Barn where tobacco leaf are dried

Our tour guide Osvaldo


Caris & Kitty

OX sledding?

Coco decoration

Me & Kitty

The coconut meat are very tasty

Vinales is one of the only places where Cubans seem happy

The mountains are called mogotes, which means *haystacks*

Many mogotes have caves

Some fruit

Wild pineapple

Vinales valley



Vinales valley

Vinales valley

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

Central Plaza @ Vinales

Shops around the Central Plaza

Pizza for 10/15 peso (1 USD = 20 peso)

2 pesos ice cream

Order-to-made pizza

Ham, onion & cheese pizza

Our homestay


Cuevas del Indio

Named for the Indian remains found inside

The cave is 4km long, only the first km can be explored by foot



The mesmerizing catacomb

Underground pier where a motorized boat took us up to the subterranean

Habitat for opaque fish and blind crustaceans

This cave is well-developed for tourists

Kitty, Kenneth & Berton

Leaving the cave

Who would imagine this gap leads to a wonderful cave?



Huge asshole haha

3D postcard

Evening horse riding

Beautiful scenery

Dominating the valley of Vinales are the dramatic mogotes


Mogotes are pin-cushion hills

Vinales Valley

Sunset @ Vinales Valley


Berton, Kenneth, Kitty, Me & Raudel*s mom

Kitty, Me, Raudel & his mom

Raudel*s mom is a good cook


Big lobster

Kitty getting a light for the cigar

More cigar tasting

Vinales Valley

Vinales Valley