September 23 ~ 26, 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

Manathai Hotels & Resorts, Phuket

Manathai Hotels & Resorts, Phuket

A very good value hotel

Little swimming pool in the back of the room

Manathai Hotels & Resorts, Phuket

Manathai Hotels & Resorts, Phuket

Manathai Hotels & Resorts, Phuket

Two Heroines Monument

Tha Rua Chinese Shrine

Many colorful dragons

Many colorful dragons

Historical district of Phuket Town

The architectural style

Typical of the region

Is described as Sino-Portuguese

Thalang Road

Motorcycle is the most popular transport in Phuket

Thai tradition wear

Some have old wooden doors with Chinese fretwork carving

Bus in Phuket

A golden dragon in some park

Wifi for the kids or the parents

So many electricity line!

Colorful buildings

Wat Puttamongkon

Thai characteristic and heritage architecturally blend in Chinese and European styles

Historical district of Phuket Town

Historical district of Phuket Town

Cutting the cake = cutting through the face?

Phuket-style tuk-tuk

Buddhism Temple

Wat Chalong

AKA Chalong Temple

Grand Pagoda of Wat Chalong

Mom & Me

The most important of the 29 buddhist temples of Phuket

Temple of monks that helped the people during Chinese rebellion

Ground floor of the Grand Pagoda

View from Wat Chalong

Big Buddha Phuket from Wat Chalong

View from Wat Chalong

1st floor of the Grand Pagoda

Ground floor of the Grand Pagoda

FF @ Wat Chalong

Beautiful roof

Colorful temple + blue sky = execellent photo

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

View from the Big Buddha

The Big Buddha

View from the Big Buddha

45 meters high and 25.45 meters wide

View from Laem Phromthep

Phrom is Thai for the Hindu concept of Brahma, which means purity

Thep is Thai for God

Seriously, what*s next?


Gentlement*s Club

Will you leave your husband here?

Bars along Bang-La Road

Mom @ Bang-La Road

Ocean Plaza Patong

Bars along Bang-La Road

Sooo many bars!

And restaurants

Yummy bbq chicken

More bars

Only find in Thailand

Red and yellow taxi

The famous Patong Beach


Me @ Patong Beach

Approach landing

The risk of parasailing in such a pack beach

Hong Kong Collection

Patong Beach Road

The Kee Hotel

Love their Sky Lounge

Mom trying the suckling fish


Go-go girls

Minivan bar

Sunset @ Patong Beach


Yummy Thai dinner

Twinpalms 7th Anniversary Party

Catch Beach Club @ Surin Beach

Everyone wearing white

Variety show

Beach party

Drink menu

Show with fireworks

Can see the party light from miles away

End the night with a foot massage

Boat Lagoon Marina

Phi phi boat day tour

Exiting the lagoon

3 engines speed boat


Approaching Viking Cave

Turquoise blue color water

Viking Cave

Crystal clear water

Pretty color contrast

Our first stop

Warm comfy water

FF @ Pileh Lagoon

Regular ferry

Loh Samah Bay

Snorkelling with colorful fishes

Some corals and tropical fishes


Can climb up the island

So many islands around Phuket

Interesting shape islands

The famous Maya Bay

Cannot really swim here so many speedy boats

The beach is actually very small

Me & Mom

Had Noppharatthara - Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park

As featured in the movie *The Beach*

Sexy photographer

Traditional wooden boats

Signature Phuket picture

Mom @ Maya Bay

Me @ Maya Bay

Love the mainland travellers for their creative post

Finally the bay quiet down a bit

Water dripping from these rocks

Weird shape rock

Can tell they are so in love

Suddenly came a few boats of mainland tourists

Goodbye Maya Bay

3 engines, very powerful

Trianglar shaped island

Monkey Beach

Mom feeding the monkeys

Beware of monkeys (they are mean)

Mom and baby

So cute!

Monkey Beach

Goodbye monkeys

Phi Phi Island

The lunch hall for all package tour to Phi Phi Island

Palm tree and beach

Traditional boats

Traditional boats

Traditional boat

Modern speed boats

Goodbye Phi Phi Island

Wish I could have spent more time on the island

Storm coming in

Snorkeling ground, better here

Highend resort

Left just in time

This is like a paradise!

Rang Yai Island


Smooth white sand

Water is a bit rough for kayaking

Alone on the beach?!?!

Fishing gear

Wonder if that tiny island with a beach is up for sale

Coconut drink

Here come the storm

Low tide

Authentic thai food

Grilled fish



Looks cosy





Antique fan

Spirit house

Manathai Hotels & Resorts, Phuket

Main building

Desserted building

Restaurant along Surin Beach

Not suitable for swimming

Mom @ Surin Beach

Me @ Surin Beach

Rip current

Christmas tree?

Surin Beach

Manathai Hotels & Resorts @ Surin Beach

Catch Beach Club

Seafood salad @ Phuket Airport

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

View from Laem Phromthep

Patong Beach


Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

Rang Yai Island

Surin Beach