September 27, 2010 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ubosot @ Wat Puak Chang

Wat Puak Chang

Happy Buddha


Bell tower

Viharn @ Wat Puak Chang

Viharn @ Wat Puak Chang

Very detail crafting

Wat Puak Chang Municipal School, looks like a jail

Ubosot @ Wat Puak Chang

Ubosot @ Wat Puak Chang

Katam Corner

Chiang Mai Gate

Viharn @ Wat Nantharam

Funny way the dog is sitting

Ubosot @ Wat Nantharam

Ubosot @ Wat Nantharam

Gold Chedi

White Chedi

Burmese-style roofs

Wat Nantharam

Wat Nantharam main entrance

Viharn @ Wat Srisuphan

Cute craft


Side entrace of the viharn

Amazing craftmenship

Inside of the viharn

First silver ordination hall in the world

Golden leaf plant

5 meters wide and 17.5 meters long in the architecture of Lanna

Wat Srisuphan is one of the more unique temple in Chiang Mai

Viharn @ Wat Srisuphan

Me @ Wat Srisuphan

The sala gan parian of Wat Suan Dok

Ceiling beams @ Wat Suan Dok

Chedi @ Wat Suan Dok

Chedi of Wat Suan Dok

Chedi @ Wat U Mong

Wat U Mong

Traffic in Chiang Mai

Viharn @ Wat Prasat

Ubosot @ Wat Prasat

Chedi @ Wat Phabong

Wat Phabong

Viharn @ Wat Phabong

One of the biggest, finest and most famous temples in Chiang Mai

Viharn Luang @ Wat Phra Singh

The name Wat Phra Singh means Monastery of the Lion Buddha

Viharn Lai Kham, Chedi and Ubosot @ Wat Phra Singh

Ubosot @ Wat Phra Singh

Viharn Lai Kham @ Wat Phra Singh

Rear of Viharn Luang @ Wat Phra Singh

Ho Trai @ Wat Phra Singh

Royal Club @ Le Meridien Chiang Mai

Bangkok Airport, it is HUGE!!!!