Month of January @ San Francisco & San Diego, CA

Smoked salmon & Pork belly @ Scott Howard

Venison - Turnip, carrot & salsify ragout - Ginger jus @ Scott Howard

Panna cotta - Citrus salad * Macadamia
nut brittle * Citrus glaze @ Scott Howard

Warm chocolate cake - Blackberry
coulis * Crème fraiche @ Scott Howard

Vegas Shrimp Cocktail & Strip Club House Salad @ The Gaslamp Strip Club

Gaslamp New York Strip @ The Gaslamp Strip Club

Grill Your Own Strip @ The Gaslamp Strip Club

7.5 minutes on each side @ The Gaslamp Strip Club

One side down @ The Gaslamp Strip Club

Steak with side sautéed asparagus & sautéed mushrooms
and onions @ The Gaslamp Strip Club

Lime and Honey Cured Yellowtail: Avocado Mousse,
Jicama and Radish, Jalapeno Jelly @ 1500 Ocean

Crisp Duck Confit: Caramelized Endive, Celery Root and
Pomegranate, Duck Jus @ 1500 Ocean

Warm Chocolate Chipotle Cake with Banana
and Caramel Ice Cream @ 1500 Ocean

Maryland Inspired Blue Crab Cake @ Oceanaire Seafood Room

Black N’ Bleu Ono: Sweet Onion Confit, Roquefort Butter
and Crispy Onions @ Oceanaire Seafood Room

Cappuccino cake @ Oceanaire Seafood Room

Soup of the Day @ Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel

Clams pasta @ Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel

BBQ Pork @ Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel

Vanilla Crème Brûlée & Mint Ice Cream Brownie
@ Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel

Thursday 9.95 Live Maine Lobster @ Ole Madrid

Aaron & Chris getting ready for their lobster @ Ole Madrid

Mushroom @ Rubicon

Steamed Mussels with Orecchiette Pasta @ Rubicon

Ginger Roasted Petrale Sole @ Rubicon

Arbequiña Olive Oil Semolina Cake & Frozen Milk
Chocolate-Jasmine Mousse @ Rubicon

Some coconut sweet @ Rubicon

Szechwan Yellow Fin tuna Sashima in a washabi aioli
@ Croce*s Restaurant & Jazz Bar

Seared Scallops & Forest Mushroom Risotto
@ Croce*s Restaurant & Jazz Bar

Rhubarb and Pear Crisp & Fondant Au Chocolat
@Croce*s Restaurant & Jazz Bar

Shabu shabu @ home