May 28 - 30, 2005 @ Grand Canyon

Lake Mead

Playing with our Digital Camera

$5 Photo Spot

Hoover Dam

The generators

Colorado River

Me, Albert, Gene, Martin, Kenneth & Alan

Me @ Hoover Dam


Me @ Hoover Dam

Impressive model of Hoover Dam & surrounding

Lake Mead

DJ on the Mini Van

Sunset @ Grand Canyon

Everyone is trying to get a good picture of the sunset!

Dinner @ Bright Angel Restaurant

Me @ Grand Canyon Natioanl Park

Beautiful view of the Canyon

Another view of the Canyon

Group picture

Please do NOT follow Gene*s behavior

There are more green than we expected

The Watchtower

Me @ Watchtower

More about the Watchtower

The Northeast view

The Northeast view

The Northeast view

Another view of the Watchtower

Hiking down…

Gene on top of Grand Canyon

Kenneth & Me on otherside of Canyon

Gene & Me

Desert View

Can you find Kenneth?

Desert View Info

Tusayan Tour

Tusayan Museum & Ruin Info

San Francisco Peaks Info

San Francisco Peaks in real

Large Kiva

Grandview Info

Me @ Grandview


Gene, Me & Albert

Checking if the stone is safe to step on…

Me pretending to be brave

Too scared to stand up…

Albert & Me

Me @ Grandview

So deep, cannot see the bottom at all!

Climbing up…

A wild animal we saw in the park

Solar powered traffic light

The Grand Canyon Train

Lunch at Bright Angel Bar

Lookout Studio

Gene, Martin & Alan

Kenneth, Alan, Me, Albert & Martin

View from the Lookout Studio

The Grand Canyon Hotel

Grand Canyon Vista

The Hopi House

Random picture

Mules and the Canyon

Me @ Hermits Rest Route

Gorgeous color on the canyon during sunset

Kenneth, sitting on the edge

Me looking out at the amazing view

Hopi Point to watch sunset

Me @ Hopi Point


Group picture @ Sunset

Rattle snack appetizer

Cheers to a good trip

10oz T-bone

Yippee Steakhouse


People awaiting for the sunrise


More sunrise

Canyon @ sunrise

$6.49 KFC buffet on the drive back to Vegas

Overview of Hoover Dam

The new Wynn hotel

In line for the buffet

The Buffet @ Wynn

My choice of appetizer/seafood

Everyone happy with their food

My choice of dessert sampler